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Wonderful Things is located on the West side of the Square in Comanche, Texas. Open for your shopping pleasure Tues-Fri. 10-5:30. And 10-4:30 Sat. Closed
Wonderful Things came to Comanche from Georgetown in 2013, when owner Sharon McKinnon followed her roots back to her hometown - bringing an impressive collection with her. Wonderful Things sources its diverse and unique selection of offerings from trade shows, local vendors and producers. With primarily small-batch and local products, customers enjoy a measure of exclusivity when shopping for quality home goods and kitchen wares; shoes, accessories, and clothing; antique signs; gourmet foodstuffs; and more. In addition to the store’s offerings, Wonderful Things celebrates customers birthdays with semi-annual parties offering discounts to customers with birthdays in that range. They also celebrate girlfriends with “girlfriend parties” and “Therapy Thursday” which features late hours and retail therapy specials on the second Tuesday of each month.


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